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Tarte flambée au potimarron et feta - Amandine Cooking
Tarte flambée au potimarron et feta – Amandine Cooking (Irene Smith)

A rich and creamy dish, Navratan Korma gets it's name from nine ingredients/jewels (nav=nine and ratan=jewels) which are cooked together in a super creamy sauce. This website utilizes various technologies all meant to make it more accessible. It's turned into a complete family affair.

We don't throw endless CVs at you, hoping something sticks. "…through Amandine you will get a professional chef that has been thoroughly reference checked.

With colorful green beans and pimientos, this attractive casserole is terrific for the holidays.

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Drain beans; plunge into a large bowl filled with ice water to stop the cooking process. We're back with our first virtual episode, as our editors are socially. Come and meet the Creative Team!